We love undiscovered makeup artist that are looking to partner with an eyelash brand as you expand your followers and PR brand collaborations. 

                                       What is a Brand Ambassador?

A brand Ambassador loves the product, uses the product, advocates for it organically and gets reared for such advocacy.

                                       What we are looking for?

Individuals with a consistent social media presence who can share a positive, creative, upbeat manner while advertising the product.

                       What does it mean to partner with Eyelash4Me-2?

Our program offers moral support so that you do not have to feel alone or feel alone when you are stuck. We provide branding advice and mentoring to keep you accountable to your craft. Life gets hectic we would encourage you to keep motivated. Our brand ambassadors will work alongside us as experts by building awareness and product recommendations through product promotions and demonstrations.

                                 The Benefits you would receive!

*We feature your images of the lashes you are wearing on our social media platforms and website. 

*15% off for all customers that use your discount code

*You can also use your own code for self use 

*Brand Ambassador mentorship

*Weekly incentive for the customers you bring in

                               What are the requirements?

*Must post a minimum of 2 photo or video weekly. 

*You can and able to promote our brand across social media platforms

* Promote the website 

                                   How to apply?

Send text with your name and number to Kristen